Failtacular Adventures of Weeaboo and Berserker
12 Nov 08, ...8.04 - 9 PM
TIME: 8:04 PM
Illybrius: Don't hurt Ori....
me: Not Orion. Ferrin.
Illybrius: No, no of course. You knocked Ferrin out
me: No I killed him however I think you r fish need live food.
Illybrius: Merci beaucoup
me: You're welcome. However... I think its best....I'll be right back with Orion for you okay?
Illybrius: Ori....
me: Got him.
Illybrius: Ori...
Illybrius, bad news: Cinnamon and Corri hve both collapsed
Caleb's revving Corri
me: Damn it I told Maheone Corri's body could hold him.
Illybrius. Orion needs a jump start. Think you can handle him?
Illybrius are you there?
Illybrius: Yes; technical difficulties
me: Think you can handle him? They need me back to handle our other problem.
Illybrius: Who's speaking? I can't see yoru color
me: Drake.
Illybrius: I should sign into Meebo and out of Gmail, one moemnt
U: I'm not repeating it
me: Lee...He didn't hurt you did he?
Illybrius: No. Someone.... someone stood in for me.
me: Who?
Illybrius: I don't know.
Cinnamon couldn't trace him. Oh no!
Cinnamon.... she....
me: What?
Illybrius: The.... the one who stood in for me.... Usagi said that he said she's....
me: Kio go. She needs you.
Illybrius: She-- no, she
Does "donikrya" mean what I think it means? "No life"?
That's what the bright red guy said
me: There must be something you can do.
Illybrius: And I quote: "No pulse. No brainwaves."
Illybrius: Whoever it is knows my name.... my original name.
me: Great. Yet another unknown. This is getting damn dangerous.
Illybrius: "Getting"....
me: Fine. It is dangeous. Better?
Illybrius: Ori, my poor Ori.... what did he do to you?
me: No. I don't want to remember.
Illybrius: I understand.
me: Amberanne is nothing compared to him.
Illybrius: holds you close
me: Accepts the comfort
Illybrius: kisses your forehead gently I'm sorry you had to go through all of that.
Every day a new disaster.
me: What did he tell you...about me?
Illybrius: Nothing.
He said that you were screaming at him not to let me something.
me: He wanted you. I..didn't want him to touch you.
Illybrius: Is there a particular reason?
me: I..He..I couldn't...not you...
Illybrius: Please try to calm down and form full sentences.
me: I couldn't let him hurt you the way he hurt me.
Illybrius: He wouldn't have. Somebody was standing in for me the whole time.
Well, from the removal of the vest onwards
me: I didn't know. I was...scared.
Illybrius: I know.
me: Blake made sure he can't come back this time.
Illybrius: I know.
me: And neither with Amberanne.
Illybrius: I'll have to ask Larlia to fix my tower up again.
me: I'm sorry. It was my fault.
Illybrius: How so?
me: I should have made sure he was dead.
Illybrius: True, but I do not fault you
me: I'm just glad he didn't touch you.
Illybrius: He.... touched you, though. I.... couldn't do a thing to help!
me: It was nothign bad. just a few bruises.
Illybrius: Then he exaggerated.
me: Let me see.
He wasn't lying.
Illybrius: Ori, my poor sweet Ori!
me: I was exactly where he said I was.
Illybrius: I should tell you that the shortening of your-- what they called you-- "Ori" means "gold."
me: Why would you call me that?
Illybrius: Are you offended?
me: No I just...I'm not...anything special.
Illybrius: You are.
me: Only you would think so.
Illybrius: Usagi thinks so. So does-- did-- Cinnamon, who is alive but ....
It is not an overly serious matter
me: I hope not.
Illybrius: She's merely regressed.
me: She can be fixed right?
Illybrius: I'm working on it, my love.
me: so tired.
Illybrius: My love.... my Ori.... let me hold you
me: Please do but you will forgive me if I fall asleep right?
Illybrius: Of course I will!
me: Good. Because I'm so tired. Snuggles close to you
Illybrius: cradles you
me: vran.
Illybrius: purrs
me: Feel...sleepy.
Illybrius: Go ahead, go to sleep. You deserve some rest.